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How similar are Lady Gaga’s songs Bad Romance and Judas?

May 17, 2011
Comparsion of Lady Gaga's songs Bad Romance and Judas
Comparsion of Lady Gaga’s songs Bad Romance and Judas – click to full view

Lady Gaga is my dirty little secret. Behind closed doors I’ll happily sing along to her songs, watch her music videos and read her twitter posts. She’s like an addiction and from what it seems I’m not the only one, because a few friends have told me the same thing.

When she released her new song Judas on YouTube, I ended up watching it over and over again. I took in every detail of it and I ended up having the song stuck in my head for days. As I was singing it to myself, I began to realise that I was replacing parts of the song with lyrics from Bad Romance. I’ve been known to do this with songs before, however the more I thought about it the more it seemed that Judas was sped up version of Bad Romance with new lyrics. I decided to see if this was the case by graphing and analyzing the two songs side by side.

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