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Birthday Gift Tags in December!

December 22, 2011
22nd Birthday Gift Tag
22nd Birthday Gift Tag!

I’ve been busy making cards and getting everything ready for Christmas however I also had time to make a gift tag for one of my dear friend’s birthdays!

While I originally planned to make a full card, I decided it would be better to keep it to a simple gift tag so it didn’t overwhelm the present itself. It still ended up being a pretty giant gift tag though ^^;;.

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Father’s Day and Anniversary Cards!

September 14, 2011
Father's Day and Anniversary Card Designs
New Cards!

I’ve been busy making cards again! This time I had two special occasions within a week of each other – Father’s Day and my anniversary with the boyfriend. Both of these dates totally crept up on me so I didn’t have a lot of time to make them ^^;. I think they both came out alright though!

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To Me? To You! A Very Happy Unbirthday Gift Tag

August 24, 2011
Unbirthday Gift Tag
A Very Happy UnBirthday!

The other weekend I attended a very unique type of party  – an Unbirthday party! Conceived in the wonderful imagination of my friend, everyone bought some of their favourite cake and a small gift to be given out randomly during the night. And when it comes to gifts, it’s time for me to make a card, or in this case a gift tag.

Because I didn’t know who would be receiving my gift, I wanted to create something that reflected the theme of the night. I went with a teapot based off those seen in the Disney Alice in Wonderland movie.

I also wanted to try something with typography, keeping it simple due the small space I had to work with.

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Getting crafty at the 2011 Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets

July 6, 2011
Finders Keepers 2011
Finders Keepers – Brisbane 2011

Despite the overcast weather and the urge to sleep in, I managed to pull myself out of bed on Sunday and head over to the Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets being held at the Old Museum. I’ve seen lots of people talking about their great finds and purchases at these markets online so I decided to go and check it out for myself.

Before I get onto the markets, can I just say how beautiful The Old Museum exterior is! Before I looked up where the venue for the markets was, I always thought this was a church. I really love the brick work layout with the contrasting reds and yellows as well as the lovely archways.

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Birthday Cards Ahoy!

June 24, 2011
Pikachu and Clarice Cliff Card

I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t had a chance to get back into my anatomy drawing but in the meantime I’ve been making cards for my sister and mum whose birthday are within a week of each other! I wanted to make each card about items they really like ^_^.

The first one was a cute Pikachu card for my sister who is a huge Pokemon fan. I wanted to challenge myself to try my pattern style within a custom shape like Pikachu’s body. I found a picture and printed it out before I started to draw out the pattern. Once I worked that out I got some cooking paper, traced him in and coloured the back with a 6B pencil before retracing it to the special paper I use for cards.

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Make me a Birthday Card

April 20, 2011
Happy Birthday Card 1
Birthday Card!

Whenever I get the chance and there’s enough time, I always try to make cards for people’s birthdays. For me, making one is a little more personal than a standard Hallmark card and it also gives me an excuse to practice drawing. On Sunday it was my Nan’s birthday and I wanted to make a card that tested my skills a bit more.

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