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Designer Love – Interbrand Australia

April 14, 2012
Designer Love - Interbrand
Designer Love – Interbrand

Remember the favourite artists series from last year? Well I want to start another collection, except this time for designers. Lately there’s been a particular company’s work that I’ve falling in love with more and more. I’m talking about the talent from Interbrand Australia who I first mentioned last year during my Telstra brand refresh post.

Interbrand is a global company, with 40 offices over the world making them one of (if not the) largest brand consultancies. Apart from creating and implementing new visual identities, they also offer branding strategy, valuation and management. Basically, if you want your brand looked after in any aspect, you come to these guys!

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Favourite Artists: Adrian Valencia

October 28, 2011
Adrian Valencia - Spazio Autori Illustration
Adrian Valencia – Spazio Autori Illustration

This artist’s website has been sitting in my inbox for months waiting for me to write a blog post about him. I discovered Adrian Valencia back in August and he was featured in that month’s Inspiration Collection. Since then I’ve been through his portfolio and blog and he’s now one of my new favourite artists!

Adrian Valencia is originally from Argentina but moved in London in 2000. He’s a self taught illustrator with a background in graphic design with a lot of his work being travel and fashion inspired. I like how he fleshes out the backgrounds and put the subjects within a space. I want to to visit some of these places they look so good!

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Inspiration Collection: September 2011

October 7, 2011
Inspiration Collection: September 2011
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Only 81 days now till Christmas! This year has been flying by. But for now it’s a new month and that means a new collection of inspirational images to share with you! As noted before, I don’t post all images from last month (seen above) but you can find them all in my tumblr archive. Images will click through to their original sources if available and I’ll note if there’s more than one image in the series.

So let’s get on with it!

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Inspiration Collection: August 2011

September 7, 2011
Inspiration Collection - August 2011

August is gone and Spring is here and with it is a new inspiration collection! So lets get into the images I’ve collected over the past month ^_^.

You can look at all the images pictured above in the August archive of my Tumblr blog. I should note that some posts have more than one image which aren’t shown in the archive view. I’ll make a note on the captions if there are more images available.

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Favourite Artists: Justin Cherry (Nivbed)

August 14, 2011
Nivbed - Oremus

Going through my laptop folders I suddenly came across a long lost favourite artist of mine: Justin Cherry (better known as Nivbed). I feel a little bad that I forgot about him in my planned favourite artist posts and now that I think about it there’s probably a few I’ve missed ^^;;. I first discovered Nivbed’s work by chance through another artist’s site back when I was in high school. Since then I’ve always admired his skill and have followed his work for a while.

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Semi-Permanent – Brisbane 2011

August 10, 2011
Semi-permanent 2011 - Brisbane
Semi-permanent 2011 – Brisbane

Last Friday I attended the Brisbane Semi-permanent Creative Conference – an annual event with speakers from all fields of the Creative Industries. This is the third time I’ve had the chance to go and I always look forward to listening to the artist’s and designer’s stories and presentations. I come away feeling inspired and ready to take on any design challenge ^o^. Getting the SP Pack is always a nice touch too (beautiful art book and freebies!) but more on that below.

This year we had a jam-packed day with eight speakers, ranging from designers to artists and photographers. I think all of them showed that obsession, passion and persistence are key qualities to bettering your craft and getting you places in the industry.

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Inspiration Collection: July 2011

August 7, 2011
July Inspiration Collection

It’s August already?!?! Time sure does fly.

I’m changing the layout of the inspiration collection posts so they’re not just boring bullet point lists. I will now be posting the actual images and they will link (unless unavailable) to their original source. I won’t be featuring everything but you can check out all the images in my Tumblr Archives.  So without further adieu, lets look at last month’s collection!

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