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Semi-Permanent – Brisbane 2013

December 3, 2013
Semi-Permanent - Brisbane 2013
Semi-Permanent – Brisbane 2013

Once again, Semi-Permanent returned to Brisbane for its 6th year with eight new talented speakers. From artists to architects, the Brisbane line-up seemed to be one of the most diverse range of creatives we’ve ever had. It was refreshing to spend the day sitting and listening to their stories about their humble beginnings up to their work and experiences now.

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A look at Japanese design and online technology

August 24, 2013
Japanese Design - Billboards in Tokyo
Billboards in Tokyo

Japan is a place that I know many designers and non-designers alike are fascinated by. Whether it’s the history, the culture and subsequent sub-cultures, the novelties or just the food, Japan has something to interest everybody. During my trip my May I couldn’t help but observe Japan’s approach to design and advertising. I also got to experience using some Japanese websites before the trip and noticed distinct differences in style and functionality.

Over the next two posts I will not only be looking at design of Japanese media but also Japan’s technology use and online behaviour in comparison to our own.

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Designer Love: Olly Moss

February 21, 2013
Designer Love - Star Wars Posters by Olly Moss
Star Wars Episode 4, 5, 6 posters

It’s time for another Designer Love post and today we’re looking at someone who I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of or seen his work before. I’m talking the awesome talents of Olly Moss.

Olly Moss is a UK designer, artist and illustrator who is known for his pop culture filled posters and prints referencing characters from games, movies and TV shows. His style is well known for also playing with figure-ground perception and images within images.

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Semi-Permanent – Brisbane 2012

September 8, 2012
Semi-Permanent Brisbane 2012
Semi-Permanent Brisbane 2012

The Semi-Permanent Creative Conference finally rolled into Brisbane last Thursday after an unfortunate rescheduling from July. It was worth the wait for the 8 talented speakers that came to share their stories, experience and advice. This was also a special year for the SP as it was their 10 year anniversary (5th time in Brisbane). Despite the disappointment of the video intro saying ‘Sydney’ (Brisbane pride!), the day was, as always, insightful and inspiring.

I didn’t take my camera on the day but Camille Santiago took some fantastic photos which you can find on her blog here. Now to the speakers!

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Designer Love – Jessica Hische

July 15, 2012
Jessica Hische - Haters gonna Hate
Haters gonna Hate

I’ve been a bit slack in following up on my designer love series so I figured I better get back into it. I was prompted to write about this designer from the buzz over the last few weeks about her latest project. I’m of course talking about the wonderful lettering work of Jessica Hische.

I don’t think there are many people in the industry who don’t know about Jessica Hische. I argue that she’s probably one of the first people most designers, especially typography nerds, discover and get inspired by.

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What I like about Pinterest and why I don’t really use it

June 12, 2012
Pinterest main page
Pinterest main page

So you’ve all probably heard about the magical social ‘scrap-booking’ website thing called Pinterest yeah? I put off getting an account because at first it didn’t really interest me. However after browsing the site for a while I caved in and decided to get on the waiting list and see if it was worth my while.

I figured the main benefit would be that pinning images made it a lot easier to collect than copying and pasting content into Tumblr, which is what I currently do to collect inspirational items. I’ve been using Pinterest for a while now and I’ve come to realise why so many people are obsessed with it.

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Designer Love – Interbrand Australia

April 14, 2012
Designer Love - Interbrand
Designer Love – Interbrand

Remember the favourite artists series from last year? Well I want to start another collection, except this time for designers. Lately there’s been a particular company’s work that I’ve falling in love with more and more. I’m talking about the talent from Interbrand Australia who I first mentioned last year during my Telstra brand refresh post.

Interbrand is a global company, with 40 offices over the world making them one of (if not the) largest brand consultancies. Apart from creating and implementing new visual identities, they also offer branding strategy, valuation and management. Basically, if you want your brand looked after in any aspect, you come to these guys!

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Google Analytics Version Comparison AKA Why I both love and hate the new Google Analytics

February 19, 2012
Google Analytics Version Comparison

If you work in web design, you probably use or have access to a google analytics account and if you have an account, you probably know that a new version has been rolled out over the past couple of months. I’ve spent some time working with the new analytics and while there are great new features, there are other things that equally annoy me and make me want to revert back to the old layout.

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