Designer Love: Olly Moss

Designer Love - Star Wars Posters by Olly Moss
Star Wars Episode 4, 5, 6 posters

It’s time for another Designer Love post and today we’re looking at someone who I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of or seen his work before. I’m talking the awesome talents of Olly Moss.

Olly Moss is a UK designer, artist and illustrator who is known for his pop culture filled posters and prints referencing characters from games, movies and TV shows. His style is well known for also playing with figure-ground perception and images within images.

A lot of his designs have gained wide-spread recognition around the Internet because of their subject matter and execution. This includes the Star Wars posters, the Silhouettes from Pop Culture, the Resistance 3 branding and most recently, the 85th Oscars awards poster.

Designer Love - Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss
Two of the many portraits from the Silhouettes from Popular Culture series
Designer Love - The Dark Knight Rises poster by Olly Moss
The Dark Knight Rises poster
Designer Love - 85th Oscars poster by Olly Moss
85th Oscars poster + detail of one of the awards

As a designer I think it’s pretty hard not to like Moss’ work. As each new piece is released I’m constantly amazed at the quality of work, crazy amount of detail and clever inclusion of graphical elements. While I believe his work is (mostly) vector, his use of textures, gradients and brush stroke lines make it to seem otherwise. They remind me of the old movie posters I studied in Uni, such as those by the talented Saul Bass. Finally, I just love the fact that a lot of his work includes things that I’m a fan of. It’s nice to know there’s other designers who are nerds out there ^_^.

Designer Love - Joker and Riddler by Olly Moss
The Joker and The Riddler
Designer Love - Princess Mononoke and My Neighor Totoro posters by Olly Moss
Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro posters
Designer Love - First Gen Starter Pokemon by Olly Moss
First Gen Starter Pokemon (these were too cute not to include)

To see more of Olly Moss’ work, go to his portfolio or alternatively his blog that includes extra work. He also has a shop if you want to own one of his prints.

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