Unique Everyday Design: Bikes, Cutting Boards, Shower Curtains and Pretty Toast!

Everyday Design
Time for some more unique designs and I have quite a few of them! I guess I’ve been on the lookout for them since my last post :|Sanomagic Wooden BicyclesSource: Cool Hunting

First off, I should say that this isn’t exactly a unique everyday design because there are a lot of different bike designs around. I still wanted to post about it though because these bikes are out of wood! WOOD! They’re made of mahogany by a ninth-generation ship wright. This allows them to be lighter, with the bikes even been raced professionally and scoring well. I think it’s great when designers start experimenting with new materials for familiar items. You can read more about theses wooden bikes here.

Cutting Scale

It took me a while to hunt down who designed this cutting board after spotting it in my tumblr feed but I think I can say the the designers are Jim Termeer and Jess Giffin. In the words of the designers the cutting board “precisely reduces the steps of preparation, dishes to clean, and time wasted”. This is only a concept, but the creators have noted that it would use embedded sensor grids for weighing, “Electronic Ink” for the display and low current Photovoltaics for power. You can view more pics and read the full artist statement on the Design Boom article.

Utility Shower Curtain

Utility Shower Curtain
Source: Cool Hunting

It’s nice to see people taking items that already exist and enhancing them to be more useful. The Utility Shower Curtain has pockets for your shampoos and containers as well as loops to place your toothbrushes, razors and towels. My only concern is that water would gather in the pockets, unless there are holes for drainage in the bottom (can’t tell from pictures or text).

Pretty Toast Presser

Table Manners & Delfts Toast Pan and Plate
Source: More Design Please

I’m still not sure if this is actually functional or some artistic piece because the Minale Maeda website is pretty vague on what the creators do. I still think it’s quite nice either way :P. Obviously not for a conventional toaster though, unless I’m missing something?

What do you guys think about these objects? Do you think they’re unique for their type of object or have you seen similar items before? Let me know in the comments!

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