Unique Everyday Design: The Chicken Co-op

Chicken Co-op by RAAD
Chicken Co-op by RAAD

There are a lot of items in the creative industry that are constantly redesigned. For example there are millions of designs for chairs ranging in colour, shape, texture and size. It’s the same deal with tables, lamps, stationary, booklets and other similar everyday objects.

Every now and then though I come across something where I think “Wow, who knew you could design something like that for [insert item type here]”. I figure I should share some of these designs I find. I discovered this a couple of weeks ago while going through my RSS feeds. It’s the Chicken Co-op by RAAD.

It’s described by Cool Hunting as “Luxury living for the urban hen”. I love how it’s all themed around this idea of luxury with with multiple levels, a Run and Dining Area, an ‘Egg Lounge’ for chickens to roost, solar powered ventilation, and 4 private egg laying Nestrooms.

Chicken Co-op
Easy to clean tray
Views from Chicken Co-op
Nice Views!
Chicken in Chicken Co-op
I would be jealous if I was a chicken ๐Ÿ˜›
Chickens in Chicken Co-op
Testing the Co-op
Chicken Co-op
Co-op living in action!

Who knew chickens were so lucky! Now I want some chickens so I can order this and test it out ๐Ÿ˜›  Check it out their website for more information/images.

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