Unique Everyday Design: Skeleton Candles, Egg Shapers and Disappearing Vases

Unique Everyday Design
Unique Everyday Design

It feels like ages since my last unique everyday design post! Today I want share some quirky and cool designs I’ve found over the past couple of months.

SunnySide by Avihai Shurin

Unique Everyday Design - Sunnyside by Avihai Shurin
Sunnyside by Avihai Shurin

If only I was an egg person than I would consider buying one of these. Sunnyside by Avihai Shurin (from Monkey Business) is a silicon egg shaper that can be used to make the perfect sunnyside egg. Just crack the egg in the circle, the white will flow into the cloud shape while the yolk stays in place. A very clever and cute idea!

The Devils Pet by Thorunn Arnadoyyir

Unique Everyday Design - The Devils Pet by Thorunn Arnadottir
The Devils Pet by Thorunn Arnadottir

What appears to be a simple geometric cat candle hides a secret underneath all that wax. As the candle burns, it slowly reveals a metal skeleton! I think this is a pretty cool, even if it’s a little creepy. It would be good to see this concept extended to include other animals. The Devils Pet by Thorunn Arnadoyyir can be checked out on the designers page.

Kishu by Maya Selway

Unique Everyday Design - Kishu by Maya Selway
Kishu by Maya Selway

I love these minimalist designs that are made to look like simple sketches. Selway has a range of products available in this style, from vases like the above to bowls and bottles. Check out all of the different types over on her portfolio.

That’s all for now! Which one of these would you want to buy?

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