PAX Aus – Melbourne 2019

I only realised the other day that we’ve attended SIX PAX Aus events over the years. Can’t believe it’s been that many. This year’s event was no disappointment with lots of big titles on show like Pokemon Sword and Shield and Final Fantasy VII Remake (alas, lines were too long to try these out for ourselves). We got a chance to try out the Nintendo Switch Lite (it’s actually physically lighter than a Switch along with being light on features) as well as see a live presentation of Cyberpunk 2077 – got a free shirt out of it too!

Of course, where we spent a lot of our time was in the PAX Rising section with a variety of new titles to see and try out. Particular favourites were Unpacking and Necrobarista.

Below are a few select photos from the event.

Concrete Genie
A temporary tattoo parlour in the middle of the show floor
Trying out the Nintendo Switch Lite.
Jeswri with the beginnings of his amazing mural at the audio technica booth
Love this badass pin from the Wacom booth
We were very lucky to get into the live presentation of Cyberpunk 2077.
Wish I could’ve had a chance to play the FF& remake but the line was way too long
Moving Marvels
Lethal Lawns
64 Ways of Being – an interesting Melbourne project around interactive art in the city
Best Friend Forever
A panel discussing the ‘best of’ elements of Legend of Zelda

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