Favourite Artists: Jasper Goodall

Jasper Goodall - Pink Polish
Jasper Goodall – Pink Polish

This weeks favourite artist is Jasper Goodall, someone whom I only discovered recently even though he’s apparently been quite well known in the industry since the late nineties. He was one of the last speakers at the 2010 Brisbane Semi-Permanent Conference and I was completely taken by his illustrations and skill.

From what I’ve read, Goodall is known for his images seen in The Face magazine as well as his Poster Girl Series and cover artwork for *shudder* Muse. His images have combined illustration and photography and often have a fantasy element to them. I admire the way he plays with colour and meshes different mediums together. His recent projects like the New Goulston Street art and this Rene Grau inspired cutout really show off his talent of working with negative space and minimalist style.

You can see more work on his website or some of his commercial pieces on Big Active.

Jasper Goodall - Eye of Horus
Eye of Horus
Jasper Goodall - Kiss
Jasper Goodall - Helm
Jasper Goodall - Love Versus Lust
Love Versus Lust
Jasper Goodall - Musk Oxen
Musk Oxen
Jasper Goodall - Icons and Silhouettes
Icons and Silhouettes

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