Favourite Artists: Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup
Tim Biskup

My next favourite artist is Tim Biskup with his wonderful characters, colours and conceptual pieces. I discovered him around same time I was searching for artists who create that ‘1950s storybook illustration‘ style, though I now can’t recall how I came across his work specifically. I do believe it was for researching my graduate project though back in 2009.

I’ve been debating on whether or not to write about him because his work has evolved since I first started following him. His latest works have become more surreal/cubist/structured in nature, while I prefer his older whimsical pieces. His website seems to have also changed and he doesn’t have a lot of work featured. Luckily I have some saved work on my computer and there’s always Google :P.

I think I love his work because of the way he fills a canvas with shapes and characters, as well as the obvious elements like the character designs and colours which are lovely to look at.

Check out his site or his shop Flopdoodle. He also has a blog where you can see his latest work.

Tim Biskup - Injected
Tim Biskup - Birds & Beasts Journal
Birds & Beasts Journal
Tim Biskup - The Jackson 500 - Vol. 1
The Jackson 500 – Vol. 1
Tim Biskup - "Calendar Totem" Serigraph Print
“Calendar Totem” Serigraph Print
Tim Biskup - Calli Garden
Calli Garden

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