Inspiration Collection: June 2011

June Inspiration Collection
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Half the year is gone and it’s time for another roundup of last month’s inspiration collection! I was a bit slack in the past few weeks because I’d been busy making things, going out to events and implementing new routines for myself. It could also be that nothing has really caught my fancy or maybe I’m just becoming too picky ^^;;. So lets look what what we have here…

Colours – Black, red, orange, brown and beige stand out most to me – maybe because it’s winter. I’m trying to think warm happy thoughts ^^;;

Floral and organic  – I noticed that a lot of the images have organic elements – whether it’s this lovely hair piece or this 1876 Snakeheads printed cotton design. There’s also The Leaf House by Mareines + Patalano with a roof that resembles palm leaves with an interior that’s just as beautiful. There’s also hints of floral/organic motifs in Personal Work by Monaux and Mask by Louis Welden.

Urban Exteriors – I love it when people present new perspectives on urban landscapes and I like comparing different city types. This Toby Ryaboi city shot and a 1974 Brooklyn photo are great examples of western cities while this photo from Japan shows the smaller and more narrow streets found in Eastern Countries. The urban environment is also a great place for artistic expression which is why I find ‘Reverse Graffiti‘ quite impressive. I wonder if he did it all by hand.

Detailed Illustrations – This is something that has shown up before in my monthly inspirations. I think I’ll conclude that this will be a recurring theme and won’t mention it in future posts. I like how elements come together so well in Cosmic Forest by Meg Hunt despite being so tightly drawn together. Hidden Faces is also another great example. I like that in contract to the detailed line work the colours are so simple.

Simplistic Designs – Again, I’ve mentioned this in a previous post. The Sight Glass identity and Cookie branding show how simple design solutions can work. I also admire WORLD by Masato Kato, which looks effortless but there’s actually a lot of pictures that are part of the series. Be sure to check them out.

Black and White – In my opinion black and white images seen to have a stronger emotive aspect to them than colour. They always seem more graceful, elegant and traditional. Rulers of Nature and the Stars is a enchanting digital painting that hints at a strong love between the two subjects. Photographs also look wonderful in black and white so this Paolo Roversi fashion image and Typewriter Eroctica images are stunning – though the latter features a quite odd (yet amusing) subject matter.

Clever Concepts – It’s always nice to see design/illustration used to create clever ideas. I blogged about this the other day, but the Sanomagic Wooden Bicycles are worth mentioning because of the skill involved making them. This clever bookcase and this cute illustration are also examples of ideas well executed.

More Asian Obsessing – This shouldn’t be surprising: Gyaru and Ulzzang fashion, pictures of cherry blossom trees, cosplay clothes and urban streets. Loving all of it ^_^.

Showing my Inner Nerd – From this fantasy/sci-fi twins poster to the cosplay jacket, my nerdiness is showing through in this collection. Recently I’ve been trying to lessen my pile of unfinished games. I started playing FFX-2 the other day and this gif is part of one of my favourite cut-scenes in the Farplane. Speaking of games, watch this video about Journey! I so want to get this – it looks so beautiful!  

And that’s a wrap! Lets hope I get some more pics next month ^^;;.

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