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Tumblr Posts from March
Tumblr Posts from March

Does anyone else like using the mass-editor part of Tumblr? I find I love using it to review what pictures I’ve posted over the months and I wish I could collect more data from it, like the number of items you gave a particular tag. Part of my reason for starting my tumblr blog was to use it as a place to store inspirational/beautiful images instead of clogging up my pictures folder (which I need to go through and post some things from!).

For the last couple of months though, I’ve found myself more interested analysing what I’ve been posting and finding particular themes, colours and styles that I’ve been tagging. I’ve definitely been noticing that my posts have certain trends in them, for example I find that for some months I’m more likely to post pictures with particular colours one month than I am the next. So I thought I’d start analysing month by month, seeing what are the main traits of my month’s posts.

So let’s start with last month!

  • It was a pretty colourful month, though I think most used are red, blue and black, with orange/yellow and purple following close behind.
  • Photographs, illustrations and design are the 3 main types of files
  • Nearly all the images with people in them are women! This doesn’t surprise me though. When I draw, I pretty always draw females, since that’s what I mainly practiced at. Maybe men are just boring to look at ๐Ÿ˜› What I’ve noticed with these women though is a lot are
  • Following on from my last point, there are a lot of images of women from the past – marilyn monroe, Vivien Leigh, and even old images of Madonna. When it comes to pictures of
  • Pictures of fashion usually include stockings, lace, and simple pieces with beautiful detailing.
  • I always appreciate details in design, art and illustration because I know how much time goes into getting them right.
  • I’m not a huge typography buff, but lately I’ve been trying to expose myself to it more and learn what I like, hence there being a few typography pieces in there.
  • Fair amount of vector images and illustrations, both simple and detailed.

That’s what I’ve picked out for this month. Any other trends you can see?

There is also another reason why I want to track my post themes. Last year I read an article talking about finding your own unique style and full potential as a designer. It suggested looking at all of your inspirations and combining them all into your work. I thought this was a pretty neat idea and wanted to give it a go. Not this month, but maybe in the next month or so, I might try this idea out, making stuff that includes all the elements from the month before from what I analyse in my pics. We’ll see how it goes.

What do you use your tumblr blog for? Image collecting? Actual blogging?

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