Happy Birthday to Darren! A new birthday web-page

Darren Birthday Message
Darren Birthday Message

A couple of weeks ago I made another online birthday web-page for my friend Darren. I decided to go with a bold typography piece using my pattern work ^_^.

I’m not a huge fan of plain-minimalist-sans-serif-all-caps typography but it’s something I’ve never tried to create before. While I re-used pattern shapes from a previous project (still had to adjust each one to fit properly), the letter bases were made from scratch.

I originally intended to have each letter’s ‘drop shadow’ pointing in different directions but it didn’t work out the way I intended. Instead, I chose to keep the letter’s shadows the same but place them at different height alignments.

Anyway, below are some of my progress screenshots from creating it ^_^. I have a lot more cards to start making off the next couple m0nths (Christmas isn’t far off!) so expect more card posts in your future!

Darren Birthday Message - Original Sketch
My original sketch showing with the ‘drop shadows’ pointing out in different directions
Darren Birthday Message - pattern and original colours
Initial pattern layout and colours – originally intended to have warm colours but changed my mind
Darren Birthday Message - Final colour choice
Final colour choice
Darren Birthday Message - Final Design
Final design – I thought the letters looked boring so I played around with their alignment

You can check out the final birthday web-page over here.

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