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New jobs and going away gifts

September 24, 2012

Today was my last day at Digitalpop. I started work with the company way back in university, beginning as an intern before being given the title of graphic designer and eventually web designer. After four years it’s time for me to start a new career journey. In that time I’ve learnt so much – how to create designs and work with a wide range of different clients, how to communicate ideas and solve problems, how to extend brands and campaigns across the web and social media, all while learning about my own design style and interests.

I felt it was important to give something back to the job that has given me so much. I decided to create a special framed artwork as a last thank you gift.

The  image was based off the Digitalpop logo with some added pattern work and the copy ‘Digitalpop, we rock!’. It’s a saying that was suggested by one of the employees as a funny company slogan and ended up becoming a recurrent saying over the years. I used a similar lettering style to my Fathers Day Card, only this time more bold and with a solid drop shadow.

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