I can haz blog?

Well it seems that I can! Hello and welcome to another little part of the web!

I’m Tash, a short blonde haired girl living in Brisbane, Australia and currently working as a graphic/web designer. You check out my portfolio site here. I also have a Twitter and Tumblr account which you can go and have a gander at.

So why am I starting up this blog? Well there’s a few reasons behind that. One reason is that I want to play around and get used to using WordPress and learning to customise it. As a web designer I like to play around with this kind of stuff and I think this is a good opportunity. Don’t worry though, I promise I won’t be changing the theme every 2 seconds, it’s more of a refresher thing for me should I ever need to work with other sites built in WordPress.

My second reason is to practice writing. For some time I’ve been meaning to start some writing projects that I’ve had ideas for, however I’ve held myself back because I know that I’m not the best writer on the block. Because I know that becoming a decent writer means writing all the time, I figured a blog of some sort would help in some way.

Lastly, and probably the main reason behind it all, it to get things that I’ve be thinking about and work that I’ve created out there. I’ll be posting about new work I’ve done, things I’ve bought, places I’ve been and the like. I love the idea on getting feedback for these things too, like a diary that talks back ๐Ÿ˜›

So that’s the agenda for this little blog. More posts coming soon!.

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