Our first year with Evie

By the time this post goes up, Evie will be two! I had intended to get all this up last year but life happened I never got round to creating this post and video. Since I created one for Lucy, I figured Evie deserved one too ๐Ÿ™‚

Evie came into our lives in November 2021. We had been following her breeder’s Facebook page for a while, waiting for the ideal puppy to become available. Then one day, a cute little female puppy in tan came up and that night we quickly sent through an application for her.

We figured the breeder would probably have a large waitlist for her puppies and didn’t actually expect to hear anything back. Next thing we know, we get a message saying we’d been accepted and she was available! We couldn’t believe it.

The day of her pick up we drove two and a half hours to the breeder’s house to get her. On the trip back she slept nearly the whole way on my lap, cuddled up in her bed and next to a cold water bottle (the summer heat was gross that day). We got home she happily played with us in the yard before settling in for the night by sleeping underneath her bed (yes I said underneath).

Since that day, we’ve been treated to a cheeky little ball of energy who wants to be friends with every person and dog we meet. I smiled and laughed so many times at her silly antics, from her funny sleeping positions to her way of playing (and destroying) toys. She very easily picked up on our commands and learned how to do things like toliet outside and use the doggy door quickly. She’s shown us what its like to not have a reactive dog on walks and her personality makes it easy to take her out to places. She’s also incredibly stubborn and persistent, which leads to her naughty streak of taking items and not listening to commands, but we love her regardless of her faults.

It took a long time for Lucy and Evie to get along. In that first week I honestly thought it might not work out, but with small bits of positive interactions they slowly got used to each other. The real breakthrough moment came when Lucy suddenly tried playing a bit with Evie. After that it was all they would do together for days! They were never truly buddies, Evie was always a little wary of Lucy, but it was nice to see them two playing and being comfortable around one another (and backing each other up when barking at things too). It was also nice to see Lucy come out of her shell more thanks to Evie.

With Lucy gone, Evie has adapted to being the sole dog in the house. She now has a new little human to interact with, even though we continually tell her to not lick her face all the time. I hope they form a good bond together as they continue to grow up.

The day we picked her up
Evie had many MANY humorous sleeping positions in her crate
One of her early favourite toys were these rectangular pots. We went through many of them.
The awkward teenage fur stage
The last photo of these two together (miss you Lucy)

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