Birthday Gift Tags in December!

22nd Birthday Gift Tag
22nd Birthday Gift Tag!

I’ve been busy making cards and getting everything ready for Christmas however I also had time to make a gift tag for one of my dear friend’s birthdays!

While I originally planned to make a full card, I decided it would be better to keep it to a simple gift tag so it didn’t overwhelm the present itself. It still ended up being a pretty giant gift tag though ^^;;.

The artwork itself reads ’22’ with one inversed to create a symmetrical image. Initially I was just going to do a ’22’ but it looked pretty boring once it was mocked up in photoshop. After playing around with the design, I made the inversed image but wasn’t sure it was legible anymore and it also looked a bit like a heart. I ended up posting both on Twitter to see what others thought and the inversed image won out ^_^.

Comparison of Inversed and Normal 22
Inversed vs Plain 22
I drew one of the ‘2’s, then scanned and edited in Photoshop
Final Birthday Gift Tag
The Final Gift Tag!
Close up detail of the birthday gift tag
Close-up detail

Really happy with how it came out and thankfully the birthday girl also liked it ^_^.

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