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What should I draw?

February 7, 2013
What should I draw?`
What should I draw?

I’m trying to incorporate drawing more into my routine, setting aside some time in each week to just spend time sketching stuff, whether it’s part of a project or just a small piece like this. This was my little drawing from last night after just sitting there, staring at a blank piece of paper, wondering the same question.

August Birthday Webpage!

August 15, 2012
Happy Birthday Renee header
Happy Birthday Message ^_^

After over a month of no cards, my friend’s birthday came up earlier this month and I wanted to give her something since I hadn’t seen her in so long. Because she lives so far away, I decided to make another birthday web page for her!

I didn’t set any particular theme to follow so I got creative with another lettering piece which ended having an ‘organic’ styling. Below are some screenshots from the process ^_^.

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The unfinished work of an old art journal

August 7, 2012
Old Art Journal
From the old art journal

Earlier in the year I retired my completely filled art journal, which I’m sure was a relief for it because it was in pretty bad shape from living in my bag for so long >_<. I’m not the kind of person to re-visit an art journal once I move on but I thought I would share some of the ideas and alternate concepts that were never realised during it’s lifespan.

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Designer Love – Jessica Hische

July 15, 2012
Jessica Hische - Haters gonna Hate
Haters gonna Hate

I’ve been a bit slack in following up on my designer love series so I figured I better get back into it. I was prompted to write about this designer from the buzz over the last few weeks about her latest project. I’m of course talking about the wonderful lettering work of Jessica Hische.

I don’t think there are many people in the industry who don’t know about Jessica Hische. I argue that she’s probably one of the first people most designers, especially typography nerds, discover and get inspired by.

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Designer Love – Interbrand Australia

April 14, 2012
Designer Love - Interbrand
Designer Love – Interbrand

Remember the favourite artists series from last year? Well I want to start another collection, except this time for designers. Lately there’s been a particular company’s work that I’ve falling in love with more and more. I’m talking about the talent from Interbrand Australia who I first mentioned last year during my Telstra brand refresh post.

Interbrand is a global company, with 40 offices over the world making them one of (if not the) largest brand consultancies. Apart from creating and implementing new visual identities, they also offer branding strategy, valuation and management. Basically, if you want your brand looked after in any aspect, you come to these guys!

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Birthday Webpage?!

April 8, 2012
Part of the Birthday Message ^_^
Part of the Birthday Message ^_^

It was recently my friend Jacque’s birthday however I was unable to give her a card since she lives in Sydney. What I ended up making was a little landing page with some unique typography for her special day ^_^.

I was inspired by Jacque’s Typography vs Illustration series which is fantastic, definitely worth checking out. It seemed a bit intimidating at first and I wasn’t sure if I could make something that would live up to her work ^^;. I picked my favourite in the series, taking from it the lovely orange, blue and aqua colours.

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Birthday Card for Dad!

March 21, 2012
Dads Birthday Card
Dads Birthday Card

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now. It was my Dad’s birthday a couple of weeks ago which meant I of course needed to make him a birthday card for the occasion!

I took inspiration for the design from some Tudor lettering I discovered a while ago. I liked the way the ribbon weaved around the letters and wanted to make something that was similar yet a little more modern.

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New March Birthday Cards!

March 8, 2012
Commissioned Handmade Birthday Cards
Surprise! Early March Cards

Well I wasn’t expecting to be posting about cards this early in March but things have a way of turning what you say around ^^;. After posting about the last couple of cards, a friend of mine asked me to create not one but TWO new pieces for an upcoming birthday party. How could I refuse a friend’s request ^_^?.

I had a really short turn around to create and send off these cards. My friend liked the 22 star illustration I did last february and wanted something similar. I try to not do the same thing twice so instead of just copying the old one, I sketched out a concept for a diamond shape with pattern work around the outside. The cards also needed the birthday girls’ names included.

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