Favourite Artists: Katie Daisy

Favourite Artists - Trust your Heart by Katie Daisy
Trust your Heart

It’s been a while since I wrote a favourite artist post but this one only just caught my eye recently (well sorta – explained further down) and she needs to be talked about! Today I’m looking at the wonderfully whimsical, colourful and spring inspired work of Katie Daisy.

Katie Daisy is a freelance illustrator originally from Illinois who uses both watercolour and acrylic paints to create illustration and lettering pieces. I’ve actually admired her work once before – I reblogged one of her pieces on my tumblr blog in June last year. It wasn’t till someone recently posted about her work that I checked out her portfolio and was amazed by her lovely paintings and pictures.

Favourite Artists - Live with Passion by Katie Daisy
Live with Passion
Favourite Artists - Floral Piece by Katie Daisy
Floral Piece
Favourite Artists - I am safe and secure in my world by Katie Daisy
I am safe and secure in my world

I’ve fallen in love with her work for a number of reasons. Her use of bright, warm colours and whimsical sayings make me feel so uplifted every time I look them. I also love the small added details in her lettering and the obvious inspiration from nature itself. The paintings seem quite simple at first glance but if you look closer you always find lots of small touches. I think another reason her work resonates with me is that it reminds me of the floral pieces my nan paints, which I’ve written about before.

Favourite Artists - Floral House by Katie Daisy
Cute house!
Favourite Artists - Ampersand by Katie Daisy
Favourite Artists - Floral Painting by Katie Daisy
Floral Painting

You can check out more of Daisy’s artwork on her portfolio. If you’d like to buy some of her paintings or prints, head on over to her etsy shop. I’m very tempted to buy something myself ^_^.

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