Eating noms and riding carnival rides at Paniyiri 2012

Paniyiri 2012
Paniyiri 2012

My friend invited me out to the Paniyiri Greek Festival for my birthday which gave me a chance to practice taking photography after what seems like ages. We had a great day of trying out Greek food, watching people dance and trying out all the rides in the carnival area.
To save myself from constantly changing lenses, I decided to stick with my 50mm for the festival which ended up working out the best even if I missed out on a few wider angle shots.

Paniyiri 2012 - honey puffs and haloumi
Our first food of the day – honey puffs and haloumi
Paniyiri 2012 - people at Musgrove Park
Musgrove park was filled with people for the festival
Paniyiri 2012 - Tables and people around the main floor
Tables around the main dance floor so people can sit and eat
Paniyiri 2012 - Mythos Beer
Friend bought a greek beer as well
Paniyiri 2012 - Skyneedle
Skyneedle off in the distance
Paniyiri 2012 - Calamari
Our second lot of food – calamari…
Paniyiri 2012 - Kebab
and kebabs!
Paniyiri 2012 - photographer friend
My friend was also documenting the day
Paniyiri 2012 - Tray of food
Lots of food around the festival
Paniyiri 2012 - Chicken Kebabs
More kebabs! So much good food ^_^
Paniyiri 2012 - Traditional greek dancers
Dance demonstrations during the day
Paniyiri 2012 - Magic Circus
There was also a carnvial part of the festival off the side
Paniyiri 2012 - Horror Ride
There was even a haunted house! Pretty impressed
Paniyiri 2012 - Carnival game
Scary carnival game with hanging bears :S
Paniyiri 2012 - Hurricane Ride Ticket
Ready to go on the rides ^_^
Paniyiri 2012 - Dancing the Zobra
People dancing the zobra on the main floor
Paniyiri 2012 - Cooking the meat
Lots of these cooking behind the food tents
Paniyiri 2012 - Smoke around the festival
Lots of the smoke round the festival because of the cooking
Paniyiri 2012 - Looking out over the carnival
Still lots of people when we left in the afternoon and lots of the food stalls with HUGE lines

Who else went to Paniyiri? What was your favourite part of the day?

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