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Supa-stars, comic/anime stalls, card-games and cosplay galore, that’s what Supanova is all about. I know it’s been over a week since Supanova in Brisbane but I figured better late then never. For those of who not in the know, go and check out their site here.

The first time I heard about Supanova was way back when I was in high school and my then-boyfriend told me about this ‘convention with anime’, so of course I was immediately interested. This is the 3rd time I’ve been and while we didn’t see any supa-star guests this year, I think we still had a great time despite a few hiccups.

Since I dressed up this year (pics further down below), I decided on the train trip to change into my high heels because it would complete the look I was going for. BIG MISTAKE. I should say right now that I usually wear flat shoes, I even brought a pair with me because I knew my feet would be sore by the end. After we got off the train, I realised walking to the RNA showgrounds from Fortitude Valley is no small feat either and it’s up hill most of the way. I thought about switching my shoes back, but then I’d have the awkwardness of people watching me switch them and decided to suck it up and keep walking.  Should’ve listened to my instincts!

Now if you go to Supanova, you can either pre-pay your tickets or purchase them on the day at the door. Each year we’ve purchased at the door and we’ve arrived before opening time to make sure we’re in line.  This year, since I had a hair appointment and I was meeting a friend in the city, we didn’t get to the showgrounds until about 11:30 – 12ish. This is what the line now looked like and this is only about the 1/3rd of whole thing! The end is where that large tree is overhanging!

The line at Supanova
The line for purchasing tickets at Supanova

While the line didn’t move that slowly, I should note that it was pretty damn hot. Luckily I brought an umbrella for shade. This didn’t save me from what happened next though. I started to feel dreadfully sick, like I was going to faint/throw up right there in the line. I’d never had this feeling before and I was panicking a bit, which wasn’t helping my mental control over the situation. I think we were in line for about 30 minutes and I’m glad we got in when we did because I don’t know how much longer I could’ve lasted. Once inside, I thought I was ok (putting the pains down to stress, heat and possibly impatience) and we started looking at stuff, but I was overcome again with this  oh-god-I-feel-sick-and-need-to-lay-down feeling. So we decided to go and sit outside and grab something to eat. After downing a packet of chips and some water. So I’m putting my fiasco down to an empty stomach/dehydration (no tea the night before and a small breakfast). Lesson learned – eat before conventions.

I think next year, we will pre-pay and get in early :P.

So once inside and we had a chance to look at the stalls and check out all of the cosplay!

Inside Supanova
Finally inside
Comics Stall
Comics Stall
Stalls at Supanova
Stalls at Supanova
Duke Nukem
GAME had a special ‘play before launch’ area setup for the new Duke Nukem game
GAME setup
Stall for GAME
Badge Shop
Badge Shop
Two Guys in Pikachu costumes
I dunno how these guys pulled this off in the middle of a hot day
Climbing up busy Stairs
Climbing up Busy Stairs

One thing that I don’t like about Supanova is the amount of people you have to force your way through to get around. It’s literally a struggle. The really annoying thing about these stairs in particular is that Dominoes Pizza sets up just inside the doors so their are people just inside just standing there while others are trying to get in or out. I noticed that my sister and I got pushed and shoved a lot during the day as well, even in areas that weren’t so jam packed with people. I dunno what solution they could put in place to resolve it, because I know a lot of people would be annoyed if the organizers decided to only allow so many people into the convention at a time or only sold a limited pre-paid tickets. What do you guys think? Leave a comment!

People Outside the RNA showgrounds
Bad photo, but just goes to show the amount of people in this area outside, lots more inside and around the place
Laser Skirmish
Laser Skirmish
Slave Leia Cosplay
I always admire people who can cosplay in stuff like this, I’d be way too self-conscious. I love that Batman is just casually talking to V in the background.
Kinect Fighter Game
Kinect Fighter Game set up at the GAME stall
Diglett Cosplay
Just Dance for Wii
Just Dance for Wii set up at the GAME area
Card Game Area
Card Game Area
Wacom Tables
Wacom Table
Storm Trooper
Storm Trooper

So that’s the convention but what did I wear? Well if you’ve been to a Supanova event, you know that dressing normally makes you feel awkward because a lot of people cosplay or dress up for it. This year I decided to dress lolita, or as I’d prefer to call it ‘lolita-inspired’, as I know I’m breaking some of the rules of lolita fashion.

My ‘Lolita inpired’ look

The main reason I decided to dress up is because I’ve been looking for an occasion to wear this dress since I bought it in Japan last year! Supanova seemed like the prefect excuse ๐Ÿ˜›

Supanova - high heels
The shoes that nearly killed my feet. I was in so much pain walking out of the showgrounds that I changed straight to my flats just outside the doorway.
Dress Pattern close up
A closer look at the floral pattern on the dress

And of course, going to Supanova meant purchasing some goods to bring home! Last year I only bought a DVD but this year I came home with a little more.

Supanova purchases
Supanova purchases

Because I’m going through a slight  manga/anime and book obsession at the moment, It’s kinda no surprise I can home with 2 new books (or one book, one manga) to read.

Vocaloid - Luka
Luka Figurine

My sister also spoiled herself with a Luka Figurine to add to her small collection.

On the bus ride home we discussed possibly cosplaying next year. We both agreed that we have to pick something that’s Summer-friendly, haha.

Overall it was a great day, especially since I got to pull out my camera again (getting used to using it again before heading to Melbourne in a couple of weeks!). Hopefully we’ll go again next year and maybe we’ll be cosplaying too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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