Favourite Artists: Adrian Valencia

Adrian Valencia - Spazio Autori Illustration
Adrian Valencia – Spazio Autori Illustration

This artist’s website has been sitting in my inbox for months waiting for me to write a blog post about him. I discovered Adrian Valencia back in August and he was featured in that month’s Inspiration Collection. Since then I’ve been through his portfolio and blog and he’s now one of my new favourite artists!

Adrian Valencia is originally from Argentina but moved in London in 2000. He’s a self taught illustrator with a background in graphic design with a lot of his work being travel and fashion inspired. I like how he fleshes out the backgrounds and put the subjects within a space. I want to to visit some of these places they look so good!

Adrian Valcenia
I want to go here ๐Ÿ˜
Adrian Valencia - Fashion Image
One of his more fashion inpsired images
Adrian Valencia

His work is similar to Kevin Dart (another favourite of mine) and Matthieu Forichon which have a classic illustrative style. I love the combination of the simple flat shapes with textures, shadows and highlighting worked in. I think Valencia pulls this off really well and the amount of details in some of his work are amazing. I especially love his side profile series.

Adrian Valencia - Lady Gaga
My favourite of his Lady Gaga images – she looked good with the aqua hair
Adrian Valencia - Lady Gaga side profile series
More from the Lady Gaga side profile series
Adrian Valencia - Dita Von Teese
I love this Dita Von Teese image, it captures her likeness really nicely

You can find Adrian Valencia’s work on his portfolio as well as extra images on his blog. I particularly like the posts that show off his sketches and references. You can also find him on Twitter.

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