Favourite Artists: Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano
Yoshitaka Amano

It seemed fitting to post about Amano’s work since he did the concept art for Final Fantasy X, which I only just finished! I know that game came out years ago, however it’s been in my pile of shame of ages anf I thought I should finish it (the ending was so sad, I got teary eyed :() – but back to the artist! This week I’m featuring Yoshitaka Amano, a well known Japanese artist who has created numerous character and logo designs as well as concept illustrations for Square Enix.

His work is always so full of detail and beautiful wispy lines that seem to just flow through the artwork. I like how he uses colour as well; it’s not exactly bursting out of the canvas like Sylvia Ji’s paintings, but he knows how to balance it with the surrounding space and work with tones. His illustrations are often of fantasy/sci-fi subject matter and have a lovely asian styling to them, despite being influenced by Western comic books. They remind me a lot of traditional Japanese paintings actually, in the way he uses colour, the thin pencil lines and the intricate details.

Below is just a small selection of his work. He doesn’t have a website but you can google him and find more information about him and his illustrations.

Yoshitaka Amano - Yuna
Yoshitaka Amano
Vampire Hunter D
Yoshitaka Amano - Tidus & Yuna
Tidus & Yuna
Yoshitaka Amano - Tidus
Yoshitaka Amano - FFX-2 Gullwings Team
FFX-2 Gullwings Team
Yoshitaka Amano - Final Fantasy Concept Art
Final Fantasy VI Concept Art
Yoshitaka Amano

2 comments on “Favourite Artists: Yoshitaka Amano

  1. Merry


    I’ve been trying to find out the what series the Yoshitaka Amano illustration of the woman with the snake on your page is from? Is it a Final Fantasy Series or from his art book collection? If so, could you tell me where it is from. Please email me.

    Thank you,

    1. Tash Post author

      From my knowledge, this isn’t from any Final Fantasy games or a particular series. It could just be an artwork he’s created. I don’t have his artbook on me to check if it was included.


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