Inspiration Collection: July 2011

July Inspiration Collection

It’s August already?!?! Time sure does fly.

I’m changing the layout of the inspiration collection posts so they’re not just boring bullet point lists. I will now be posting the actual images and they will link (unless unavailable) to their original source. I won’t be featuring everything but you can check out all the images in my Tumblr Archives.  So without further adieu, lets look at last month’s collection!


Lots of warm colours again this month! Seeing lots of bright reds, oranges and yellows throughout.

Design in Murcia by Romualdo Faura
Catwoman by JOCK
“HOME” Alphabet Print by Graeme Offord
Coffee Time by borianag
12 Inch by Alvaro Cova


Lately I’ve found myself really into typography – particularly the experimental type. I used to never be interested in it and couldn’t understand why people were obsessed about it. I think I’ve finally caught a bit of the typography bug ^_^.

Wired Magazine Typeface by Studio8 Design
by Justin Thomas Kay
“This is just a bunch of vintage fonts” by Sebastian Andaur
The Phraseology Project by Drew Melton

Asian Influence

If you’ve been reading my other Inspiration Collection posts you would’ve noticed that this has been a theme in the last couple of months. No use fighting it I guess 😛

Kung Fu Panda 2-Lord Shen by feimo
Asian Inspired Tattoo
Hypnophobia by Dmitry Popov
by ドラ
Shinjuku by sunxez

Paper Gangster

Yes, I used a Lady Gaga song title, don’t hurt me O_o. I think I would find it hard to find someone in the creative industries that doesn’t appreciate the time and effort put into creating paper art. It’s always inspiring to see someone take such a delicate material and transform it into a beautiful creative masterpiece.

Paper Cutting / Compiled by Laura Heyenga
Paper Cutting / Compiled by Laura Heyenga
Paper Castle by Ginger Li
Page Corner Bookmarks

Books and Stationary

I love beautifully designed stationary sets – especially when people go really ‘out there’ on the creative and theme. I’ve bundled books in here too because I think they’re somewhat similar. My favourite type are the collectors books which always have special covers and cases (see Star Wars book as example).

Threadless Scout Books
Division of Labor Identity by Mikey Burton
Star Wars: The Blueprints
The Triangle Notebook by Tan Mavitan
CoPlanner corporate design by moodley brand identity

Mural Art

Lastly I have some lovely mural/wall art that I’ve found throughout my feeds and websites. It’s always nice to see artists making use of what is essentially a giant canvas ^_^.

Anamorphic Typography by Joseph Egan
Anamorphic Typography by Joseph Egan
By Charmaine Olivia
Rubber Tracks Exterior Mural
by Miso

And that’s it for this month! You can find all the July images in my Tumblr archives.

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