Inspiration Collection: May 2011

May Inspiration Collection
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I’ve been a bit behind in my posts this week since I’ve had other things going on. Because I’ve been posting about my favourite artists and sketches, I also haven’t had the time to write about May’s collection till now. So lets get into it!

  • Colours – The colours are quite hard to pick this month but I’d probably say the main ones are black, blue and red.
  • Fashion – A lot more fashion images this time round. I’ve recently been spending time looking at Asian fashion and I’ve found myself following a lot of tumblr blogs on this topic. My boyfriend would say I’m succumbing to my girly instincts but I believe I’m just looking at new styles to embrace :P. I like the simple but cute shirt/skirt combinations like this but I don’t know if I could pull it off.
  • Detailed Illustration – I think the fact that I’m starting to teach myself anatomy drawings and doing more pattern work has caused me to heighten my interest in detailed illustrations such as this amazing mural, a Caitlin Hackett WIP and Japan by Simon Prades. I don’t think I’ll ever be as good, but I can dream ๐Ÿ˜› – even if it was just simple drawings like these cute little faces. Also, I recommend everyone watching this video on John Kascht’s caricature images of Conan O’Brien; it really shows off the many ways you can capture a person.
  • Retro Design/Art – I believe I mentioned this in last month’s inspiration post. I don’t like calling it retro design, it doesn’t sound right to me (does anyone know the proper name for this style? Post a comment!). Some of my favourites are this Mermaid piece by Brittney Lee and these pieces by Matthew Lyons with their great use of colour, shape and tone. Something I’ve noticed a lot in this category is 2d styled cities, such as this work by Michele Rosenthal and this design piece, it almost feels a little overused.
  • Typography – I love it when people really play with typography. Interior Design by FLY_ ART_S is really lovely and I appreciate the time it would’ve taken to go from concept to finished work. Untitled 01 by Alex Trochut reminds me of hanging lights, I love the little motifs on the letters. This editable poster is quite something too – glad they got photos of it before it was all gone!
  • Paper Pieces – Ah paper, one of the fundamental materials of print design. It’s always nice to see people re-vamping how it’s presented, like these Origami sheets, this fantastic stitched book by Maria Fischer and this typography presented as insects in display cabinets. I admire the talent that’s needed to create First Day of my Life by Julene Harrison, especially with the risk of cutting something too thin and slicing it open.
  • Architectural/Sculptural/Interior Designs – I don’t know what category this really fits into but I would love to go in the Leviathan and experience the Grand Palais from inside. These lights –  one by Paul Loebach and Koura by David Trubridge – are really lovely, though the second one would take up a lot of space. I’m not usually a sculptural fan, but these Yugoslav War Memorials are amazing with their huge size and designs. It’s surprising that they’ve been forgotten in their countries (be sure to click through and check out all the images).
  • Missing Japan – I’ve found myself really missing Japan lately and it hasn’t even been a year yet since our last trip! Photos around the cities and geisha really make want to go back and just spend a good six months over there to fully take it all in. I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied by watching anime, reading manga, learning/re-learning kanji and similar activities but I don’t know if it’s making me feel any better (probably making it worse!).
  • Shoes and Stockings – The two things that show off women’s legs the best – stockings and shoes (preferably with heels). They’re such classical feminine items, especially this cute pairing. I’ve been looking for boots this winter season, I wish had these ones – they look like something you’d find in a sci-fi movie. I also love stockings with intricate designs and suspender belts. It’s a shame that they’re so prone to ripping.

That’s all for this month. Hopefully I won’t be so late with my next inspiration post! Let me know if you see any other similar items that I’ve missed.

Matthew Lyons

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