A November of birthday web-pages

November Birthday Web-pages
November Birthday Web-pages

The end of year birthday season is in full swing which means there’s an influx in birthday cards and web-pages for me to make. Since we’re now at the start of December, I’d thought I’d share all the birthday web-pages I created over the past month.

Andrew’s Card

My friend Andrew is currently studying to be surgeon and recently announced he only had 2 more years of university to go (yay!). I decided to incorporate a stethoscope into the design that wrapped around the custom name type. You can see the final birthday web-page here.

November Birthday Web-pages - Andy Z's web-page typeface sketch
Original Sketch
November Birthday web-pages - Andy Z final web-page artwork
Final web-page image

Yasmin’s Card

This card was also based off my friend’s occupation. Her work involves looking after small kids so I drew children that were posing as letters to spell out her name. The final birthday web-page can be found here.

November Birthday web-pages - Yasmin's web-page artwork sketch
Original sketch – I took all of these shots on web cam so excuse the low quality
November Birthday web-pages - Final Yasmin web-page artwork
Final Yasmin web-page image

Josh’s Card

My friend Josh is lucky enough to be travelling around the world at the moment for work purposes (so jealous!). I originally planned to design a map with ‘Josh’ written over the  top from a plane tail. However, I started exploring other flight travel options and the design slowly grew into a flight themed birthday message. The final piece can be found here.

November Birthday web-pages - Josh's message original sketch
Original sketch
November Birthday web-page - Josh's card final artwork
Final artwork

Sorry for the lack of WIP shots, I completely forgot about them while I was busy designing ^^;. Hoping to get a start on Christmas cards soon!

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