August Birthday Webpage!

Happy Birthday Renee header
Happy Birthday Message ^_^

After over a month of no cards, my friend’s birthday came up earlier this month and I wanted to give her something since I hadn’t seen her in so long. Because she lives so far away, I decided to make another birthday web page for her!

I didn’t set any particular theme to follow so I got creative with another lettering piece which ended having an ‘organic’ styling. Below are some screenshots from the process ^_^.

August Birthday Message - Original Sketch
Original Sketch
August Birthday Message - Rough Version
Rough tracing version

I always do a rough tracing version first and then refine it. I find it makes the task seem less daunting when all I have to do is start tweaking instead of spending ages making each letter perfect the first time round.

August Birthday Message - Refined Version
Refined Version

Now all the letters have been smoothed out and I’ve added some colour. I didn’t like the black text because it appeared too blocky and took attention away from the decorative lettering.

August Birthday Message - Final Version
Final Version

I ended up getting rid of my block letters and replacing it with a font I felt suited the style much better.

The final birthday image was put into a simple web page and sent it onto my friend, you can still check it out here!

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