Birthday Webpage?!

Part of the Birthday Message ^_^
Part of the Birthday Message ^_^

It was recently my friend Jacque’s birthday however I was unable to give her a card since she lives in Sydney. What I ended up making was a little landing page with some unique typography for her special day ^_^.

I was inspired by Jacque’s Typography vs Illustration series which is fantastic, definitely worth checking out. It seemed a bit intimidating at first and I wasn’t sure if I could make something that would live up to her work ^^;. I picked my favourite in the series, taking from it the lovely orange, blue and aqua colours.

Jacque Prior's Miss O Ginny
Jacque Prior’s Miss O Ginny

Using my pattern shapes, I created a typography piece where each letter was different from another. I tried to use only a few shapes in each one so they were a bit abstract to read as well.

Birthday Webpage - Original Sketches
Original Sketches

I went with a digital format instead of the usual traditional hand drawn card to match Jacque’s style. Because of this I don’t really have any WIP shots ^^;.

Birthday Webpage - Final Artwork
Final Artwork – my favourite letters are the ‘R’ and ‘D’, what are yours?

I originally intended to just send the artwork but I didn’t think it would look great as just an attachment to an email. I figured it would be better to show it off on a web page where it could take up the whole screen! I put it together with a bit of a birthday message and there you have it, simple but effective ^_^.

After that, I emailed her off the web address of the page which you can see it for yourself here.

She really liked the typography and ended up making it her desktop wallpaper ^^;. I’m glad my little gift ended up being a success!

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