Mother’s Day Card

Mother's Day Card
Mother’s Day Card

Last weekend was Mother’s Day, I hope you all spoiled your mums with gifts or spent some quality time with them! Apart from a small present, I also had time to make my mum a card for the day ^_^.

My parents are taking a trip to Turkey later in the year and I wanted to do something inspired by Turkish patterns and designs. I even made a small collage/moodboard for it for my art journal.

Mother's Day Card - Moodboard
My collage/moodboard in my journal.

I took elements from the images as well as others I found online and arranged them on tracing paper to make my own design. I’m surprised I didn’t tear it because I erased and redrew parts several times over before I was happy with them.

Mother's Day Card - Sketch on Tracing Paper
My final sketch on tracing paper.

While I tried to transfer the design directly from the tracing paper, it wasn’t working out the way I hoped. I ended up scanning and then reprinting the image before tracing it (using my makeshift lightbox) directly onto the final card.

Mother's Day Card - Tracing Complete
Tracing complete.
Mother's Day Card - Watercolour
Finished the watercolours – chose blue to match traditional turkish designs.
Mother's Day Card - Completed
All finished!

‘And that, as they say, is that’. What did you guys give your mums for Mother’s Day?

4 comments on “Mother’s Day Card

  1. Jess

    Awww that’s lovely. I drew my mum a tallboy and cut two drawers so they would open outwards and put $50 notes in (to use towards purchasing a tallboy) lol.

  2. Ashley

    This looks amazing!! i went through the website and looked at all your cards and they all blew my mind!!!


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