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Easy handmade Christmas cards and gift tags – Christmas stockings!

January 13, 2016
Christmas cards - christmas stocking design

I can’t believe it’s already 2016, the last few months just seemed to fly by. I hope all of your end of year celebrations were fun and joyous ^_^.

Keeping up with tradition of the past few years I once again made all of my Christmas cards, this time creating Christmas stockings using just paper and gift wrapping. Below is a step by step guide on how I made them along with their gift tag counterparts.

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Watercolour Christmas cards and gifts tags

January 4, 2015
Watercolour Christmas cards
Watercolour Christmas cards.

Christmas and New Year have come and gone and I hope you all had a wonderful time during the break. Following on from the last three years I made my own Christmas cards and gift tags again, this time (really) trying not to make them too complicated. I went back to watercolours but also played around with using masking fluid in the making process.

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The last of the cards! December birthday cards

January 5, 2013
December birthday cards
December birthday cards

Yes, it’s true – I’m wrapping up the card project with the end of 2012. It’s been fun creating so many different designs and illustrations for my friends and family and I feel I’ve learned a lot from the process. After two years though it’s time to move onto some new projects so I won’t be making any more cards (except for maybe a couple here and there ^_~).

Apart from my Christmas cards, I created three birthday cards for friends during December. All of them were handmade, with some even having a bit of interactivity (apart from the obvious opening and closing).

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Handmade Christmas Reef Cards and Gift Tags – 2012

December 29, 2012
Christmas Cards 2012
Handmade Christmas Cards and Gift Tags

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day with your family or friends while enjoying yummy food and awesome gifts!

As I’m finishing up the Card Project this year, my Christmas cards and gift tags would be the last items for me to create.

I tossed around numerous ideas until I came up with creating  Christmas cards as illustrated wreaths. I originally intended to go all out with sparkly glitter and gold pens but after doing a couple of test cards, I decided it would be better to keep then more simple.

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Point and Shoot! Camera Birthday Card

November 23, 2012
Camera birthday card
Camera birthday card

My lovely friend Jones was the photographer behind the photos of my birthday party last year and almost every time we hang out we both bring along our Canons to spend the day behind the lens. I decided that for his birthday I would give him a card based off our little photography hobby ^_^.

My laptop was still unusable at the time so I had to actually sketch up my rough by copying my own real life camera.

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Fathers Day Card 2012 – with video

September 17, 2012
Father's Day Card 2012
Father’s Day Card 2012

It was Fathers Day only a couple of weeks ago and I hope you all got a chance to spend some time with your dad! Of course a special day for my dad means a special card for him too!

So this card has a bit of a story to it. Back when I was in high school, my dad would always drive me and my sister in the mornings and drop us off. Because I would often be ready to go yet my dad would still be upstairs, I used to yell up to him ‘Come on Dad!’ to let him know we were ready to go. I ended up doing the same thing every morning and my dad started calling me the ‘Call-on-dad bird’. So this was the inspiration for my Fathers day card!

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A birthday card for Mum – now with VIDEO

July 5, 2012
Mum's birthday card
Mum’s birthday card

My last card for a while but a special one at that. It was my Mum’s birthday a few weeks ago and this time I went back to my pattern drawing ways for a change ^_^.

The idea for this piece was actually inspired by a progress shot I took while drawing the design for the Lisa and Kim cards. As I drew in the pattern design from each corner, I liked how the internal diamond shape began to emerge – ahh the wonders of Gestalt!

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Persona birthday card for one awesome sister

June 25, 2012
Persona Birthday Card
Persona Birthday Card

Another card to show you guys! This interesting piece was created especially for my sister who enjoys the Persona game series – a Japanese RPG/turn-based fighting game, similar to the final fantasy model.

Within the gameplay there are tarot cards that allow the player to gain skills and ‘personas’ to help you in battle. It seemed fitting to make a special birthday tarot card, especially since her super secret birthday present is related ~_^.

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My Little Pony with a cherry on top please – May Birthday Card

June 2, 2012
My little pony birthday card
My Little Pony card

It was one of my lovely friend’s birthdays over the weekend and I of course went into card-making mode to put together a special Pony/cupcake inspired piece for her ^_^.

My plan was to create something Eurovision themed because the birthday party was mainly going to centered around watching the 2012 finals. However, I wasn’t happy with any of the ideas I came up with and decided to take another direction. Through a bit of brain-storming the idea of amalgamating My Little Pony with chocolate cupcake icing and sprinkles came about and thus began the creation of my friend’s card!

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Mother’s Day Card

May 20, 2012
Mother's Day Card
Mother’s Day Card

Last weekend was Mother’s Day, I hope you all spoiled your mums with gifts or spent some quality time with them! Apart from a small present, I also had time to make my mum a card for the day ^_^.

My parents are taking a trip to Turkey later in the year and I wanted to do something inspired by Turkish patterns and designs. I even made a small collage/moodboard for it for my art journal.

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