My Little Pony with a cherry on top please – May Birthday Card

My little pony birthday card
My Little Pony card

It was one of my lovely friend’s birthdays over the weekend and I of course went into card-making mode to put together a special Pony/cupcake inspired piece for her ^_^.

My plan was to create something Eurovision themed because the birthday party was mainly going to centered around watching the 2012 finals. However, I wasn’t happy with any of the ideas I came up with and decided to take another direction. Through a bit of brain-storming the idea of amalgamating My Little Pony with chocolate cupcake icing and sprinkles came about and thus began the creation of my friend’s card!

My Little Pony Birthday Card - Original Rough
My rough mockup drawn over a reference picture in photoshop – excuse the random squiggle on the side where I lost control of the mouse and was too lazy to remove ^^;
My Little Pony Birthday Card - original reference and printed out rough
My original reference with my printed out rough – I drew in the outlines so it would be easier to see the layers of icing
My Little Pony Birthday Card - Outlines
And now the process begins!
My Little Pony Birthday Card - Watercolour
Warercolour added – I was worried at this stage because the brown seemed messy (the watercolour outside the lines is on purpose though). I was praying it would look better once the ink outlines were put in
My Little Pony Birthday Card - Inked Outlines
And here’s the inked outlines which thankfully brought the card together much better
My Little Pony Birthday Card - cut out
Cut out and ready to go!

Some of the watercolour is a little messy but I think it turned out pretty well, especially after I inked the outlines. It was also one of the most fun cards to put together – working out how to incorporate cupcake goodness and getting to use to a variety of different colours, even if they’re only in small sprinkle sized doses ^_^. I hope I can make more cards like these soon!

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