Point and Shoot! Camera Birthday Card

Camera birthday card
Camera birthday card

My lovely friend Jones was the photographer behind the photos of my birthday party last year and almost every time we hang out we both bring along our Canons to spend the day behind the lens. I decided that for his birthday I would give him a card based off our little photography hobby ^_^.

My laptop was still unusable at the time so I had to actually sketch up my rough by copying my own real life camera.

Camera birthday card - Initial Rough
Initial Rough

I changed little details here and there such as the wording around the lens and the name of the camera to personalise and make it more relevant to the occasion. My camera also isn’t a 5D, but I can dream ๐Ÿ˜›

Camera birthday card - Traced onto card
Traced onto card

I didn’t directly shade in the final card with watercolour pencils like I normally do. Instead I mixed the colours on a separate piece of paper and transferred the wet watercolour on a brush to the card. By doing it this way, there would be none of those  ‘leftover’ pencil marks within the watercolour areas.

Camera birthday card - Watercolour method
My card with the finished watercolour and my extra sheet that acted as a palette of colours

Once it was dried, inked and cut-out, I attached some red and white twine to make a camera strap.

Camera Birthday Card - Final Card
Final Card

Ironically when I gave this to my friend at his birthday party, he had forgotten to bring his own camera and ended up wearing the card around for the night ^_^.

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