Surprise Birthday Webpage in February!

Birthday Webpage in February
Birthday Webpage in February

I know the Card Project is over but I couldn’t help making a new birthday message for someone who missed out last year.

Last April, my friend moved into the same office space as me and we became good desk buddies. While we’ve now both moved on to new places, I felt I should give her something for my birthday since I wasn’t able to before (her birthday was a couple of months before we met).

I based the card off the idea of a top down view of a desk detailed with bits and bobs you often find in designer territory. Since my friend is a huge Jessica Hische fan,  I also added a couple of books with covers using her well-known lettering. This piece was quite fun to put together after such a gap in my creativity.

Unfortunately in the midst of working on this, I forgot to take any WIP shots but here’s the final artwork for you guys ^_^.

Birthday Webpage - final artwork
The final artwork

Check out the birthday webpage here. Hopefully I’ll get some more drawing stuff up soon!

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