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Travel Videos – May 2019

June 3, 2019

While I haven’t updated anything here for the last few months, I’ve been quietly working away on my backlog of videos from my past trips. I’ve actually written about these on the blog already but due to spreading them out over multiple posts, there didn’t seem to be any appropriate spot to include the accompanying videos.

So I’m just gonna put them both here! I’ll link to the related blog posts below each one that includes all the photos and story behind these videos.

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Italy 2016 – A rainy Venice

March 27, 2018
Venice - grand canal

After nearly 2 weeks of bustling around Italy, we would finally reach our last destination – the quintessential tourist stop of Venice. Our time actually spent in the city would end up being cut short as we experienced the only rainfall of the entire trip during our two day stay there. That said, we still made the most of our time and got to see some of the interesting parts of the city.

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Italy 2016 – A short stay in Milan

February 21, 2018
Italy Trip 2016 - Milan

When I was planning out our trip in Italy, I had no intentions of visiting Milan. However, after the discovery of a certain video game that features architecture based off the Milan Duomo, my interest was piqued and I conducted some more research on the area. I decided to re-route our journey for a quick stopover with only one full day to explore. It ended up being one of our favourite places from the Italian leg of the trip despite our short stay.

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Italy 2016 – Visiting Florence

April 6, 2017
Italy 2016 - Florence

After our week in Rome, we started the next leg of our more shorter stays in Italy. We began by travelling north, catching the train for an hour and a half before arriving in the busy central station of Florence.

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Italy 2016 – Exploring outside Rome

March 23, 2017
Italy travel - rome

Day 4 – The Villa d’Este fountains in Tivoli

After the failure of our first trip to the Villa d’Este gardens, we headed back out of the city again to the town of Tivoli. The train journey offered up a change of scenery from the built up apartments and busy streets to sprawling towns and small, rural stations the farther we traveled out. The station in Tivoli itself is quite unassuming, in fact to get to the main platform we had to literally walk across the tracks (a lot more lax on the health and safety side here).

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Italy 2016 – Discovering Rome

March 8, 2017
Italy Trip - Rome

I’m finally getting around to writing about our Europe trip back in September last year. I had intended to at least start on these before 2017 began but by the time I’d recovered from the holiday we were into the busy end of the year (hello Christmas) and I just decided these posts would have to wait.

This was the longest holiday we’d ever taken, spanning a whole month across two countries with seven different destinations in total. This also made it the most anxiety inducing trip we’ve ever put together. Here we were about to travel across the world to places we’d never visited before, having limited to no knowledge of the local language, with no guides apart from ourselves to get us from one place to another. Months were spent researching and planning everything we’d need to know for this adventure so it would go as smoothly as possible (and give me some peace of mind). Thankfully, almost everything come together and we survived :P.

Our trip began flying into Rome, noting the ‘odd’ stone pine trees lining the streets and the sandy painted buildings from above. Getting out of the airport was an interesting peek into Italian cultural quirks, including seeing people walking their dogs in the airport (more on this later). After some confusion around train tickets, we finally traveled into the city and wandered the old streets to our hotel not far away where we could finally get some rest.

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