Travel Videos – May 2019

While I haven’t updated anything here for the last few months, I’ve been quietly working away on my backlog of videos from my past trips. I’ve actually written about these on the blog already but due to spreading them out over multiple posts, there didn’t seem to be any appropriate spot to include the accompanying videos.

So I’m just gonna put them both here! I’ll link to the related blog posts below each one that includes all the photos and story behind these videos.

Japan 2017 – Tokyo & Hakone

It was really fun to go through all this footage again. I remember it was the first trip that I had my new DSLR camera with me (previously DSLR took photos only) so there was a lot of learning and experimentation along the way.

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Tokyo and Hakone

Europe 2016 – Italy & Austria

This trip seems so long ago now. While I didn’t manage to get footage from every place we visited, the video still you gives you a general vibe of our time there.

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