Father’s Day and Anniversary Cards!

Father's Day and Anniversary Card Designs
New Cards!

I’ve been busy making cards again! This time I had two special occasions within a week of each other – Father’s Day and my anniversary with the boyfriend. Both of these dates totally crept up on me so I didn’t have a lot of time to make them ^^;. I think they both came out alright though!

Father’s Day

I always try to make my cards relate to the gift I’m giving or something the person likes. However, the usual father’s day things like coffee cups and ties don’t really relate to my dad and his gift was a fantasy book which wouldn’t be easy to quickly translate into a card.

I finally decided on just doing a simple typography card.

Father's Day Card Typography
Typography for the card

I wanted to just do the text but I thought it looked a bit plain so I drew in some surrounding pattern work before printing it out on my nice paper.

Father's Day Card Design
Colours came out pretty well!
Father's Day Card Design
Small little top fold card

The card was quite small but it printed out really nicely. The photos don’t do it justice. Dad liked it in the end and that’s all I can ask for ^_^.

Anniversary Card

It was kind of important that I give my boyfriend a card this year because I didn’t have his gift (it’s not out in stores yet ^^;). I wanted to try something a little different and go with a circle shape because I hadn’t tried it before.

Anniversary Card Sketch and Design
Final Sketch and Design on Card
Anniversary Card design before cutout
Before cutout – thats a ‘4’ in the middle btw
Anniversary Card Design after cutout
After cutout – I would show it standing up butit just rolls over ^^;

If I did this design again I would make the pattern and text area thicker so the centre doesn’t seem so bare. I think the text should also be smaller or thinner because the word ‘anniversary’ seems to take up too much space and looks unbalanced from the top half. Maybe I could incorporate the number into the pattern instead and put the text in the middle. Hmmm.

So that’s been my card frenzy over the last couple of weeks ^_^. I don’t think I’ll be making anymore until the wave of birthdays/events coming in November and December. Let me know what you guys think of them too!

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