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Weekend Shenanigans at Supanova Brisbane – November 2011

November 8, 2011
Supanova Brisbane: November 2011 - Madmen booth comics
Madmen booth comics

Last weekend was Supanova‘s second Brisbane event for the year and my sister and I tagged along to get another dose of manga, figurines, cosplay and general nerdy stuff ^_^. Here are some of the photos from Saturday (warning: lots of pics!)

We arrived early this year to avoid the dreaded lines from last time to find that they changed up the system. If you get there early, you can pay for your entrance into the event, get a paper wrist band to prove you’re not sneaking in and then head into the courtyard area while you wait for the doors to open. You still have to eventually get into a line, which was quite long, but it seemed a lot more manageable and moved quickly. When we left around 11:30, the entrance area was now located out the front but the lines were really short. Good to see they’re improving the system ^_^.

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Semi-Permanent – Brisbane 2011

August 10, 2011
Semi-permanent 2011 - Brisbane
Semi-permanent 2011 – Brisbane

Last Friday I attended the Brisbane Semi-permanent Creative Conference – an annual event with speakers from all fields of the Creative Industries. This is the third time I’ve had the chance to go and I always look forward to listening to the artist’s and designer’s stories and presentations. I come away feeling inspired and ready to take on any design challenge ^o^. Getting the SP Pack is always a nice touch too (beautiful art book and freebies!) but more on that below.

This year we had a jam-packed day with eight speakers, ranging from designers to artists and photographers. I think all of them showed that obsession, passion and persistence are key qualities to bettering your craft and getting you places in the industry.

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Getting crafty at the 2011 Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets

July 6, 2011
Finders Keepers 2011
Finders Keepers – Brisbane 2011

Despite the overcast weather and the urge to sleep in, I managed to pull myself out of bed on Sunday and head over to the Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets being held at the Old Museum. I’ve seen lots of people talking about their great finds and purchases at these markets online so I decided to go and check it out for myself.

Before I get onto the markets, can I just say how beautiful The Old Museum exterior is! Before I looked up where the venue for the markets was, I always thought this was a church. I really love the brick work layout with the contrasting reds and yellows as well as the lovely archways.

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It’s a wee bit chilly at the 2011 Brisbane Winter Festival

June 21, 2011
Brisbane Winter Festival

The southern hemisphere is approaching the middle of the winter season and what better way to enjoy the chilly weather than to hold a festival for it! This is the first time that I’m aware of that Brisbane has held a Winter Festival. I first heard about it on Twitter when someone tweeted about an ice skating rink being set up in King George Square. I eagerly looked into it and by the end of the day I had booked tickets. One of my friends managed to organise a small group of us to meet up and go to the same session and also check out what else was on offer.

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Birthday Shenanigans

May 23, 2011
Kaki Hurai – Oysters

So last Wednesday was my birthday and I’m now a ‘mature’ 22 year old :D! I was out of ideas as to where to have my party (I wanted to have more of a dinner get-together thing) so I asked a friend about it. She suggested that I should have my dinner at a restaurant that I’ve always wanted to try but have never been to: Sono Restaurant.

I got a booking for about 20 people in their 2 private rooms which can be opened up to make 1. The tables aren’t joined but you can see each other.

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Melbourne – Old buildings, great humour and cold weather, oh my!

April 27, 2011
Flinders Street Station
Flinders Street Station

In Australia we’ve just had a 5 day weekend due to ANZAC day and Easter falling on the same dates. My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to spend our week down in cold Melbourne for the last days of the International Comedy Festival and to get in some general sight-seeing. We went down last December for a sci-fi convention (’cause we’re nerds, yo) and we enjoyed Melbourne so much that we’ve needed an excuse to come back. This time we got 2 and 1/2 days to fully explore and take in all the sights of this beautiful city.

There is so much to talk about that I’ve broken it down into sections spread over 2 posts to make easier to group together places we checked out. Most of this post is about the historic buildings around Melbourne we saw because there’s just so many gorgeous old designs and architecture that you don’t see in other Australian cities like Brisbane.

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Supanova 2011

April 9, 2011
Supanova Logo

Supa-stars, comic/anime stalls, card-games and cosplay galore, that’s what Supanova is all about. I know it’s been over a week since Supanova in Brisbane but I figured better late then never. For those of who not in the know, go and check out their site here.

The first time I heard about Supanova was way back when I was in high school and my then-boyfriend told me about this ‘convention with anime’, so of course I was immediately interested. This is the 3rd time I’ve been and while we didn’t see any supa-star guests this year, I think we still had a great time despite a few hiccups.

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