A birthday card for Mum – now with VIDEO

Mum's birthday card
Mum’s birthday card

My last card for a while but a special one at that. It was my Mum’s birthday a few weeks ago and this time I went back to my pattern drawing ways for a change ^_^.

The idea for this piece was actually inspired by a progress shot I took while drawing the design for the Lisa and Kim cards. As I drew in the pattern design from each corner, I liked how the internal diamond shape began to emerge – ahh the wonders of Gestalt!

Mum's birthday card - original reference
My original reference image from a WIP photo

From this the idea evolved into flowing ‘water drops’ around a triangular shape with my copy in the middle. And from there I set to work! Because I drew the original sketch so large I couldn’t shrink it to a normal sized card that I could  easily trace so it ended up being a huge card/image. I should’ve framed it or something instead :P.

Below are the process shots, as well as some video at the bottom of the post!

Mum's birthday card - tracing of my mockup
Tracing of my mockup
Mum's birthday card - Watercolour added
Watercolour added
Mum's birthday card - Final card
Final card

All of this was shot with my laptop webcam so apologies for the low quality. The whole process took around an hour an a half, condensed down to four and a half minutes in the video. After watching this I’ve also come to realise just how badly I hold pens and pencils in my hand >_<. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

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