April Birthday Cards

April Birthday Cards
April Birthday Cards

Well the title pretty much says it all ^_^. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy putting together cards for a family member and friend. I did a bit better job of taking WIP screenshots this time ^^;.

Birthday Card for Nanny

My nan, affectionally known as ‘nanny’, has been giving me and my sister gifts she hand painted for as long as I can remember. I’ve always admired her work so I wanted to emulate it while also incorporating my own style. I got my sister to take a picture of one of my nan’s painted works and send it to me.

April Birthday Cards - Original Painting Reference
Original painting that my nan painted for me – sorry about the low quality!

I traced the parts of the painting I wanted to use and put them together around the words ‘for Nanny’.

April Birthday Cards - Mockup and Prototype
Mockups – removed the stems because I didn’t like them
April Birthday Cards - Tracing of Card
Tracing mockup – I usually use bobby pins instead of paper clips, they’re a lot better at holding paper in place
April Birthday Cards - Watercolours Added
Watercolours added – removed the red in the small petals
April Birthday Cards - Final Card
Finished! I find my cards really come to life after they’re inked, what do you think?

Pretty chuffed with how this card came out despite my noobery in drawing flower petals ^^;. It’s also probably one of my favourite cards to make so far ๐Ÿ™‚

Suzanne Birthday Webpage

I wasn’t able to make it to a friend’s birthday party so I figured I would do another birthday message on a webpage for her. I originally chose to create a mouse arrow, since she’s a web designer and it’s featured in her twitter display pic :P. Once I finished the arrow, I still wasn’t happy with how the webpage looked. I decided I would create another typography piece to go along with it.

April Birthday Cards - Original Sketch
Original sketch
April Birthday Cards - WIP
WIP – still need to correctly align the words
April Birthday Cards - Details finished and word realigned
Details finished and word realigned
April Birthday Cards - Finished Webpage Artwork
Played a bit of the colours, added in the mouse arrow and Voila!

Though it was a little late, I managed to get the piece finished and uploaded, which you can check out online here.

Can’t believe we’re already one third through the year! A lot more cards to create yet though ^_^. Which has been your favourite card creation so far?

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