Persona birthday card for one awesome sister

Persona Birthday Card
Persona Birthday Card

Another card to show you guys! This interesting piece was created especially for my sister who enjoys the Persona game series – a Japanese RPG/turn-based fighting game, similar to the final fantasy model.

Within the gameplay there are tarot cards that allow the player to gain skills and ‘personas’ to help you in battle. It seemed fitting to make a special birthday tarot card, especially since her super secret birthday present is related ~_^.

Persona Birthday Card - Inspiration
One of my inspiration images – this was going to be a complicated card due to the checkered background (which is curved) and a detailed flourish on the corners of the back designs
Persona Birthday Card - Tracings in Photoshop
My outlines for card traced in Photoshop – the original design had a giant cake in the middle which I later removed it so I could write a message instead
Persona Birthday Card - Tracing the outlines
Ready to trace – each design was drawn on separate card and later stuck together

I didn’t have much time to work on this card so I had to focus on getting it done instead of taking photos. The process was pretty much the same as my other cards anyway, so go and check them out ๐Ÿ˜›

Persona Birthday Card - Final Card
The final card – back and front

What I learned from making this card? 1) Black watercolour is a pain to work with, especially in small spaces because it’s bound to spread and 2) Trying to ink when tired will cause you to make mistakes >_<. Lessons learned! It still turned out alright in the end so I’m happy.

New card coming soon!

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