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Designer Love – Interbrand Australia

April 14, 2012
Designer Love - Interbrand
Designer Love – Interbrand

Remember the favourite artists series from last year? Well I want to start another collection, except this time for designers. Lately there’s been a particular company’s work that I’ve falling in love with more and more. I’m talking about the talent from Interbrand Australia who I first mentioned last year during my Telstra brand refresh post.

Interbrand is a global company, with 40 offices over the world making them one of (if not the) largest brand consultancies. Apart from creating and implementing new visual identities, they also offer branding strategy, valuation and management. Basically, if you want your brand looked after in any aspect, you come to these guys!

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The Telstra brand refresh – one month on

October 18, 2011
Telstra - The branding refresh
Telstra – The branding refresh

I think most of the Australian design community is aware of Telstra’s recent brand refresh by Interbrand which started circulating about a month ago. Since Telstra is arguably one of Australia’s biggest brands, it’s not surprisingly that this 3 million dollar refresh has been everywhere lately. I’ve decided to review the components of the campaign to see how it is now being rolled out one month on. Lets get into it!

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Inspiration Collection: August 2011

September 7, 2011
Inspiration Collection - August 2011

August is gone and Spring is here and with it is a new inspiration collection! So lets get into the images I’ve collected over the past month ^_^.

You can look at all the images pictured above in the August archive of my Tumblr blog. I should note that some posts have more than one image which aren’t shown in the archive view. I’ll make a note on the captions if there are more images available.

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