Designer Love – Interbrand Australia

Designer Love - Interbrand
Designer Love – Interbrand

Remember the favourite artists series from last year? Well I want to start another collection, except this time for designers. Lately there’s been a particular company’s work that I’ve falling in love with more and more. I’m talking about the talent from Interbrand Australia who I first mentioned last year during my Telstra brand refresh post.

Interbrand is a global company, with 40 offices over the world making them one of (if not the) largest brand consultancies. Apart from creating and implementing new visual identities, they also offer branding strategy, valuation and management. Basically, if you want your brand looked after in any aspect, you come to these guys!

Designer Love - Interbrand - Cloak and Dagger Identity
Cloak and Dagger Identity
Designer Love - Interbrand - Alzheimer's Australia Campaign
Poster from Alzheimer’s Australia Campaign
Designer Love - Interbrand - Alzheimer's Australia Posters
Alzheimer’s Australia Posters
Designer Love - Interbrand - Alzheimer's Australia Wrist Bands
Alzheimer’s Australia Wrist Bands

As I mentioned earlier, I wrote about Interbrand Australia back in October last year. Since then, I feel like I haven’t been able to escape hearing or seeing their work (not that I’m complaining!). Apart from the Telstra brand refresh, they have also created the identities for Alzheimer’s Australia, New Theatre, AGDA NSW and recently in Brisbane the new QAGOMA.

Designer Love - Interbrand - AGDA NEW Posters
AGDA NEW Posters
Designer Love - Interbrand - QAGOMA logo
Designer Love - Interbrand - QAGOMA Posters
QAGOMA Posters
Designer Love - Interbrand - QAGOMA Letterhead
QAGOMA Letterhead
Designer Love - Interbrand - QAGOMA Door Signage
QAGOMA Door Signage

I really admire Interbrand Australia’s work not only because they create brands that are beautifully simple yet striking and memorable, but also for how they excellently implement that brand across all mediums, whether for a huge billboard down to salt and pepper shakers! One of my favourites is the New Theatre branding and how it was applied on the premises, highlighting just how flexible the brand is. The QAGOMA work is also brilliant. I feel like I could only ever dream about making brands this awesome ^^;.

Designer Love - Interbrand - New Theatre Logo
New Theatre Logo
Designer Love - Interbrand - New Theatre Posters
New Theatre Posters
Designer Love - Interbrand - New Theatre Door Sign
New Theatre Door Sign
Designer Love - Interbrand - New Theatre Tickets
New Theatre Tickets

If you’ve want to see more of Interbrand Australia’s creations (and you should), check their Standapart blog which discusses their latest work, as well as providing updates on news and awards. You can also read the Interbrand company on their website.

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