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Birthday Card for Dad!

March 21, 2012
Dads Birthday Card
Dads Birthday Card

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now. It was my Dad’s birthday a couple of weeks ago which meant I of course needed to make him a birthday card for the occasion!

I took inspiration for the design from some Tudor lettering I discovered a while ago. I liked the way the ribbon weaved around the letters and wanted to make something that was similar yet a little more modern.

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New March Birthday Cards!

March 8, 2012
Commissioned Handmade Birthday Cards
Surprise! Early March Cards

Well I wasn’t expecting to be posting about cards this early in March but things have a way of turning what you say around ^^;. After posting about the last couple of cards, a friend of mine asked me to create not one but TWO new pieces for an upcoming birthday party. How could I refuse a friend’s request ^_^?.

I had a really short turn around to create and send off these cards. My friend liked the 22 star illustration I did last february and wanted something similar. I try to not do the same thing twice so instead of just copying the old one, I sketched out a concept for a diamond shape with pattern work around the outside. The cards also needed the birthday girls’ names included.

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To Me? To You! A Very Happy Unbirthday Gift Tag

August 24, 2011
Unbirthday Gift Tag
A Very Happy UnBirthday!

The other weekend I attended a very unique type of party  – an Unbirthday party! Conceived in the wonderful imagination of my friend, everyone bought some of their favourite cake and a small gift to be given out randomly during the night. And when it comes to gifts, it’s time for me to make a card, or in this case a gift tag.

Because I didn’t know who would be receiving my gift, I wanted to create something that reflected the theme of the night. I went with a teapot based off those seen in the Disney Alice in Wonderland movie.

I also wanted to try something with typography, keeping it simple due the small space I had to work with.

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Birthday Cards Ahoy!

June 24, 2011
Pikachu and Clarice Cliff Card

I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t had a chance to get back into my anatomy drawing but in the meantime I’ve been making cards for my sister and mum whose birthday are within a week of each other! I wanted to make each card about items they really like ^_^.

The first one was a cute Pikachu card for my sister who is a huge Pokemon fan. I wanted to challenge myself to try my pattern style within a custom shape like Pikachu’s body. I found a picture and printed it out before I started to draw out the pattern. Once I worked that out I got some cooking paper, traced him in and coloured the back with a 6B pencil before retracing it to the special paper I use for cards.

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Make me a Birthday Card

April 20, 2011
Happy Birthday Card 1
Birthday Card!

Whenever I get the chance and there’s enough time, I always try to make cards for people’s birthdays. For me, making one is a little more personal than a standard Hallmark card and it also gives me an excuse to practice drawing. On Sunday it was my Nan’s birthday and I wanted to make a card that tested my skills a bit more.

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